Girder Transporting Vehicle (MSV)

Girder Transporting Vehicle (MSV)

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CRCC is one of the Global Fortune 500 companies and is the parent company for China Railway 11th Bureau Group and evolves from repair detachment of No.l Division of Railway Corps.

At present, the company possesses four manufacturing bases, including the production area in Aeronautic and Astronautic Industrial Park, Laoheko u Machinery Factory, Longyou Machinery Factory, Xinjiang steel structure manufacturing branch. Which cover a total land area of 480mu and production area of 120,000m ‘.Now the company has gathered 380 technicians and 460e employees with various certificates . Its annual output exceeds 400 sets with annual product value more than RMB 1.5 billion Yuan.


YLC900 type girder transporters are “mechanical- electrical­ hydraulic” products with high technical content. The complete vehicle uses hydraulic drive, hydraulic suspension , hydraulic lift, mechanical -electrical- hydraulic coordinat ion controlled mult i-axle steering system and implements the  movement  modes including st raight running, oblique running , splayedstee ring and half-sp layed steering, etc. The finished vehicle can be operated very maneuverably and flexibly, the functions of various systems can be controlled, coordinated and implemented through micro-electro system, thus to solve the problems of “differential force  and differential speed” and “slipping” during the running, enabling each tyre to implement “pure rolling” movements and basically implement slippage -free or less -slippage running. The finished vehicle can implement the functions of “whole lifting and whole descending” and “single point lifting and descending”  , meeting the precise alignment requirement of girder transporter during automatic leveling and girder feeding.

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