Hydraulic Pilling Rig

Hydraulic Pilling Rig

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Piling rig is an equipment which uses piling device (a device used to drive piles into the soil). Generally used for foundation purposes.

The Equipment adopt he wheel type chassis can be transported with dirll rod ,made the transportation easily and economically.

Cummins electronic control turbo supercharged engine meeting Euro III emission standard, saving energy, environmental protection and strong power.

The patented parallelogram articulated structure actualizes a wider work range. The high strengthened box-type steel structure design makes the mast of highly- righly and anticontored, thereforce the drill accuracy is heightened :

The type A leg make the equipment operate easily and improved the ability of anti- distortion.

With the hydraulics pressure system adopted the technique of load sensor, which can increase the efficiency of hydraulic system and save energy:

The double protection system of aboard rotary make the construction more safer:

Standard centralized lubricating system, allowing easier maintenance.

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