Segment mould

Segment mould

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  • Unicrane is not just a mould manufacturers,
  • Only segment mould factory who can provide a full production monitoring:
  • Concrete precast experience for over 60 years.
  • Challenges for all different tasks for underground work.
  • Never delate clients schedule
  • Professional partners with professional support.


A mould plays an essential role in the creation of a tunnel using segments. Each tunnel is unique, which requires a mould tailor-made, depending upon the data provided by the client in the concrete plan. Precision plays a very crucial role in this product as, each segment has to fit the other perfectly in the tunnel, precision has to be by the tenth of a millimetre.

Our Main Design criteria:

  • Face to face contact.
  • Unique design to suit different vibration method
  • CNC Machining quality on main /base mould (all edges & curve)
  • Steel chamfer on intrados of segment (better finishing)
  • Simple rubber seal
  • Longer lifespan design
  • Integration of both western & Japanese design philosophy.

Our worldwide experience:

  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Israel
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • China
  • Japan
  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Hong Kong
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia

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