Telescopic Truck Cranes

Telescopic Truck Cranes

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A self-propelled loading-unloading machine mounted on a truck body, with a working section consisting of a rotating cantilevered boom. It is used for the loading and unloading of motor vehicle rolling stock, for cargoes primarily of a heavy and single-item nature, and also for construction and repair work.

We have gained recognition as an eminent enterprise, devotedly engaged in offering Truck Cranes/all terrain cranes from a number of renowned OEMs. With the assistance of skilled engineers and ultra-modern technologies, we have been capable of successfully executing these services in a prompt and effective manner. The offered services by us have got huge appreciation for timely execution, reliability and hassle-free management. We also render these services in various customized solutions as per the requirements of clients. Cranes available from 12 ton to 2000tons.

  • All performance parameters such as lifting height, lifting capacity and operational speed etc. are amongst the best in the world. With optimized and upgraded cross section, our advanced five-section U-shaped telescopic boom made of low-alloy high-strength steel plates can offer a high carrying capacity and strong bending resistance, also ensuring less sidewise bending and deflection than similar products in the industry.
  • The structural design of the whole vehicle has been optimized; the lifting boom features a reduced self-weight and increased counterweight, the weight distribution of the whole vehicle is more even, local stress distribution is more uniform, and the lifting performance is overwhelmingly superior to that of similar products in the industry.
  • Our boom plate profiling equipment is imported from Sweden and the industry’s unique head-end butt joint die ensure higher manufacturing precision of the boom.
    The bottom slider of the main boom adopts an embedded slider that provides an increased contact area on the slider.
  • The free telescoping method of the boom, with its state-level patent, provides you with a broader selection of operating modes and significantly increases the vehicle’s stability and lifting capacity.
  • The single-cylinder front-mounted luffing mechanism allows the elevation angle of the lifting arm to vary from -2°~80°, while the oil cylinder is equipped with a balance valve to ensure stable lifting and lowering.
    Our H-Shaped fixed outriggers and movable outriggers of square box construction offers excellent cross sectional performance and high carrying capacity, thereby ensuring strong stability for the whole crane.

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